On Premises and Cloud

Corporate IT has undergone a transformation in recent years with the inception and coining of the term 'Cloud'. The cloud has allowed many existing and new businesses to relinquish the age old responsibility of funding and operating your own IT infrastructure. Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon AWS offer cost effective cloud solutions which can provide scalability and performance without the need for investment in premises equipment.

The cloud is not always the best fit for a business. The common downfall of a cloud application is the reliance on an consistent, internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to access your IT in the cloud. The costs of such an internet connection can often outweigh the costs of having an on premises configuration. This is particularly prevalent with bespoke, or high bandwidth workflows and applications.

It is common for businesses to find a balance between both cloud technologies and on premises facilities, this most commonly known as a hybrid cloud environment and can offer the best of both worlds. Hybrid cloud can provide the self contained, hands off approach with cloud based systems, as well as the complete control of security, bandwidth, availability and cost of on premises systems.

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Simplex On Premise and Cloud Hosting Services

The team at Simplex have a highly developed skill set across a range of cloud and on premises technologies, allowing us to offer consultancy and support for all of your business' IT requirements. Our customers range from small, single office organisations, to multi-site hundred user enterprises and our bespoke approach to developing their IT infrastructure, has ensured that both can thrive. Contact us today and let us start a discussion on how we can help you to transform the IT within your business.

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