On Premises & Cloud Services

A highly developed skill set across a range of cloud and on premises technologies

The team at Simplex have a highly developed skill set across a range of cloud and on premises technologies, allowing us to offer consultancy and support for all of your business' IT requirements. Our customers range from single site organisations to multi site, multi user corporations and our bespoke approach to developing their IT infrastructure, has ensured that both can thrive. Contact us today and let us start a discussion on how we can help you to transform the IT within your business.

Corporate IT has undergone a transformation in recent years with the introduction of cloud services. Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services offer cost effective cloud solutions which can provide simple scalability and performance without the need for investment in hardware and associated costs.

In some cases organisations may in part require bespoke, or high bandwidth workflows and applications in which case a balance between both cloud technologies and on premises facilities is required This most commonly known as a hybrid cloud environment and can offer the best of both worlds. Hybrid cloud can provide the self contained, hands off approach with cloud based systems, as well as the complete control of security, bandwidth, availability and cost of on premises systems. At Simplex we can assess your business / infrastructure requirements to identify the level of Cloud / hybrid solutions are suitable for your business.

Connectivity Services

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Simplex have experience in designing and configuring Microsoft Exchange environments for single sites and multiple office enterprises, with onsite and mobile work forces. We also offer high capacity email filtering to protect your users and infrastructure from malware, spam and phishing.

Simplex are a registered Office 365 reseller and offer management of your cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Simplex also offer hosted exchange solutions, for businesses who wish to use the additional features available from a server based exchange system, without wanted the expenditure of onsite equipment.

Email Filtering & Utilities

Email is the primary tool of business communication, and may often include sensitive business information. However it is also increasingly needs powerful security against unauthorised access, loss or compromise.  At Simplex we can assist you in implementing the proper measures to protect email and mitigate many of the risks that come with email usage.

Simplex is a registered Exclaimer partner and we can assist with standardised email signatures and with Exclaimer Mail Archiver, a powerful email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange that gives you all the business and compliance benefits of email archiving without the setup and running costs that are usually associated with email archiving.

Domain Name, DNS & Web Management

Simplex offer high availability and best in class performance, Linux and Windows hosting, providing PHP and ASPX support for websites and web applications. All of our hosted sites are monitored and backed up on a daily basis to ensure global availability. We also support Microsoft SQL and MySQL sites and systems.

Simplex can provide a comprehensive domain name, DNS and web hosting management solution to protect your intellectual property and host your company’s digital portfolio.

Endpoint Security

In a world where security threats and sophisticated network attacks are at an all time high and ransomware is an increasing risk to business confidentially and data security, Endpoint security and protection has never been so important. Along with the introduction of data protection laws such as GDPR, it has become essential that your valuable data is protected from harm and encrypted for data security reasons.

Simplex partner with ESET providing award winning Endpoint  Antivirus, specially designed for business networks large and small. ESET Endpoint Antivirus with ESET Remote Administrator allows you to focus on your business, not your system security.

Back Up Management

At Simplex we have years of experience in the management of our customers system and data backups.

As server technologies have transformed from physical to virtual, so have backup strategies and software. As a registered Veeam partner, Simplex are able to ensure the reliable and secure backup of physical and virtual environments. We understand that data loss incidents do happen and a dependable backup and recovery solution is required to allow businesses to restore and continue operations as quickly as possible.

Disaster Recovery

The Simplex approach to disaster recovery starts by determining the critical systems - such as phone systems, domain controllers, core business systems- which are integral to your business operations. We ensure that these essential systems are backed up following the 3-2-1 backup methodology, with the offsite backup being stored in our secure, high availability repository.

In a scenario of ‘complete loss of hardware’ we have a standby virtual platform to which we can restore our customer’s offsite data and make it available on site, or host in our ‘hot site’ so that your business activity can resume whilst we help to source replace equipment or a new facility is available.

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Simplex Solutions are an established IT company formed in 1999 to provide specialist IT, Internet and business procurement services to entities of all sizes within the UK market.


"As a growing, successful firm of Chartered Accountants we need a dedicated partner to ensure our networks and communications are secure and to maintain the smooth running of our IT systems. Simplex deliver a first class service, are fast to respond and professional in their approach."

Mitten Clarke