A complete connectivity solution, from structured cabling and WiFi, to FTTC, ADSL and uncontested leased lines

From five person operations to multi thousand employee, multi site enterprises, it is essential to have connectivity that your business can trust and rely on. Network infrastructure is an integral part of all organisations and business disciplines; whether it is speaking to customers or transferring internal documents, connectivity is the underpinning facility that needs to be up to the task.

All of your connectivity in one place

Simplex provide a complete connectivity solution, from structured cabling and WiFi, to FTTC, ADSL and uncontested leased lines, with high service levels and monitoring. We can bring all of your business connectivity needs under one roof.

Connectivity Services

Managed Firewalls

Often referred to as the border security device, a firewall is what separates systems from destructive and unauthorised access. They are the first line of defence against common attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS) as well as using inspection methods to prevent internal users from jeopardising network security.

Network firewalls have transformed since their initial conception and have grown to provide rich feature set. Certain modern firewalls can also facilitate unified communication as well as threat management services, offering the ability to securely connect remote sites and users to your infrastructure.

Fibre Leased Lines

Combined with our managed firewall services, Simplex can configure your available bandwidth to suit your individual business needs; we can ensure traffic is always available for time sensitive or important traffic like VOIP or cloud access services like MS Office 365. This control allows you to optimise your investment in fibre broadband.

Often referred to an uncontested leased line or fibre to the premises (FTTP), Leased Lines provide a direct optical connection from the telephone exchange to your building. One of the superior properties of Leased Line broadband over its alternatives is the ability to have asynchronous speeds, meaning that your upload speed matches your download speed and you can utilise both fully at the same time.


Using FTTC and ADSL Simplex can implement load balanced and failure resistant services. All of our broadband services include monitoring and a minimum of next business day SLAs, making FTTC and ADSL a cost effective and reliable connectivity option for your business.

Where FTTC is not available or required ADSL offers stable connectivity at a low cost. Asymmetrical digital subscriber line, ADSL can offer a cheaper alternative to FTTC, for use with credit card payment lines or small satellite offices with low bandwidth requirements.

ADSL service has been made available to 99% of homes and businesses across the UK, with 89% having access to faster, ADSL2+ connectivity. This second generation of ADSL can provide up to 25Mb/s download speeds under ideal circumstances; as the distance between a property and the nearest exchange increases, the expected speed decreases.

Structured Cabling

Your building network cabling is essential in delivering services and access to your staff and infrastructure; well positioned wireless access points require reliable and high bandwidth network termination points throughout your building. Due to the technical limitations of commonly used networking materials such as ethernet, preparing a building for complete network coverage can often require an engineered approach, particularly on larger premises.

Simplex have experience in designing and creating specifications for single floor office spaces, to factories, and multiple building facilities. By determining the circumstantial requirements, we are able to deliver the best network performance possible within budget.

IP Telephony

Simplex is a registered 3CX partner and has extensive experience in converting traditional PBX telephone systems and installing new IP telephony solutions. From small offices to multiple branch enterprises, we have helped our customers save on their call costs and increase the communication abilities and productivity.

A digital phone system offers all of the features of a traditional phone system, but enables for additional integration with CRM software, enables the use a call statistics wall boards, provides smart phone applications and much more. IP telephony, can transform the way your business communicates.

Wireless Networking

As more devices move towards being completely independent of the need for wired infrastructure, the challenges of providing high speed, wide coverage wireless has increased. In the same way as structured cabling, wireless networking requires an engineered approach to provide business grade performance and reliability.

Combined with our managed firewall services, Simplex has proven experience in providing secure, dependable wireless solutions throughout an array of businesses and buildings, including factories, large open plan office spaces and intricate listed buildings.

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