Exchange and 365 Email

Despite the perceived mass migration to cloud based email over recent years, there is still a strong case for onsite email services. An on premises exchange server grants control over data retention, storage usage, security, backup and recover-ability and cost per mailbox.

Simplex have experience in designing and configuring Microsoft Exchange environments for single sites and multiple office enterprises, with onsite and mobile work forces. We also offer high capacity email filtering to protect your users and infrastructure from malware, spam and phishing.


Simplex Solutions Exchange and 365 Email

The fast paced IT world has lead to a increasing adoption of cloud based systems, with Microsoft Exchange being one of the primary services which has seen cloud migration. Office 365 provides per user plans offering the Microsoft office suite as well as a filtered and highly available mailbox.

Whilst the fact remains that the 365 model does not suit all business cases, it can provide small businesses and starts with all the features of an onsite exchange server, with a monthly billing system rather than the traditional client access licence model and capital expenditure for servers and the infrastructure.

Simplex are a registered Office 365 reseller and offer management of your cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Simplex also offer hosted exchange solutions, for businesses who wish to use the additional features available from a server based exchange system, without wanted the expenditure of onsite equipment.