Email Filtering

In Q1 2017, the percentage of spam in email traffic amounted to 55.9%. -

These statistics are part of a growing trend since the inception of email and the sophistication of spam, phishing and email malware is also increasing. The most effective method of preventing delivery of these unwanted emails to your business is the use of mail filtering. Mail Filtering offers the ability to determine who can email your business and what they can send.

Simplex Solutions Email Filtering

Simplex email filtering can provide:

  • High capacity mail flow
  • Reputable outbound mail protection, ensuring that your domain does not get blacklisted or marked as a spam culprit. 
  • Personal quarantine areas.
  •  Safe and blocked senders control for your domain.
  • Attachment filtering and scanning
  • Antivirus and heuristic analysis of all inbound and outbound emails for your domains.
  • URL scanning and analysis.
  • Banned word or phrase filtering.

To learn what else Simplex can do to filter and protect your email, contact us.

Simplex have also created a helpful tool to prevent your from replying to a forged, fraudulent email. Learn more and download it today, for free.