Domain Name, DNS and Web Management

DNS is the first point of contact between users and your website and other public services. You need the right DNS management services to make sure your site is always online and fast. DNS load times can account for 50% of network overhead. We utilise IP Anycast to brings your records closer to your users, slashing resolution times, with average DNS queries in 30 milliseconds or less.

We also administer hundreds of our customer domain names, protecting ownership and managing renewals.


Simplex Solutions Domain Name, DNS and Web Management

Simplex Solutions Domain Name, DNS and Web Management

Simplex offer high availability and best in class performance, Linux and Windows hosting, providing PHP and ASPX support for websites and web applications. All of our hosted sites are monitored and backed up on a daily basis to ensure global availability. We also support Microsoft SQL and MySQL sites and systems.

Simplex can provide a comprehensive domain name, DNS and web hosting management solution to protect your intellectual property and host your company's digital portfolio to the world.

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