Backup Management

Data loss can causes substantial operational problems for a business and can heavily impact the services your business offers and subsequently your business revenue. The importance of data and system backups are often over looked, but the recreation of lost data can consume considerable time and cost. The are many reason that restoration from backups may be required, some common reasons include:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Data corruption
  • Total loss of data due to malware or crypto-locking viruses.

When was your last backup?

The common practice for data backups is referred to as '3-2-1'. These three practices are:

  • 3 copies of your data (as a minimum) - Live system, Local Backup, Offsite Backup
  • Store in at least 2 different formats, i.e hard disk, tape, cloud.
  • Keep 1 copy offsite to protect against, flood, fire or other physical disasters.

With the introduction of the EU General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) it is also advised that backups are stored in an encrypted format.

Simplex Solutions Backup Management

Simplex Solutions Backup Management

At Simplex we have years of experience in the management of our customers system and data backups. We ensure that backups succeed as per the determined backup schedule and that the backups taken are reliable and available if required.

As server technologies have transformed from physical to virtualised, so have backup strategies and software. As a registered Veeam partner, Simplex are able to ensure the reliable and secure backup of physical and virtual environments. We understand that data loss incidents do happen and a dependable backup and recovery solutions is required to allow businesses to restore and continue operations as quickly as possible.

Further to our backup management solutions, we have also developed a secure offsite backup repository and disaster recovery environment for our customers, follow this link to read more.