Wireless Networking

As more devices move towards being completely independent of the need for wired infrastructure, the challenges of providing high speed, wide coverage wireless have increased. Similarly to structured cabling, wireless networking can require and engineered approached to provide business grade performance and reliability.

Wireless technology has transformed since its initial conception, with the need for portability and higher data requirements, pushing this drive towards fast and wide reaching wireless. The IEEE standard has seen many ratifications, each adding speed, reliability, security and range features, with the most current standard allowing for speeds in access of 1Gb/s; a speed previously only available with a wired connection. These improvements are allowing portable devices to do more and fill essential roles in businesses.

Simplex Solutions Wireless Networking
Simplex Solutions Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is not limited to local networks, it is a common media used for inter site bridging and internet access, in rural and city areas. Wireless bridging allows buildings which are unable to be directly cabled together to be converged into a single network. Wireless bridging can often provide high bandwidth links at a fraction of the cost of civil works or cable routing exercises.

Combined with our managed firewall services, Simplex has proven experience in providing secure, dependable wireless solutions throughout an array of businesses and buildings, including factories, large open plan office spaces and intricate listed buildings. Simplex can provide:

  • Secure and isolated public wireless network for guest access.
  • Site wide coverage, including outdoor wireless connectivity.
  • Point to point infrastructure links to converge multiple buildings, using laser, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz technologies.
  • High speed, 802.11 AC wifi to service high data flow use cases.
Simplex Solutions Wireless Networking