Managed Firewalls

Often referred to as the border security device, a firewall is a what separates your systems from destructive and unauthorised access. They are the first line of defence against common attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS)  as well as using stateful inspection methods to prevent internal users from jeopardising network security.

Simplex managed firewalls
Simplex managed firewalls

Network firewalls have transformed since their initial conception and have grown to provide rich feature set. Certain modern firewalls can also facilitate unified communication as well as threat management services, offering the ability to securely connect remote sites and users to your infrastructure.

Simplex have vast experience and knowledge using firewall and UTM devices to protect networks whilst ensuring optimal availability and minimise operational downtime.

We can help you with:

  • Securing single site resources. Protecting your files, core business system or mail server, limiting the ports that you ports which you publish to the internet.
  • Enabling centralised resource availability between multiple office and sites, using IPsec tunnels.
  • Providing controlled access for a mobile workforce with SSL VPN connections and 2 factor authentication.
  • Controlling internet access based on personal groups and guest categorisation; regulating what people can access when they are connected to your network.
  • Optimising inter-site communications with a full or partial mesh WAN topology.
  • Providing wide area network resiliency with WAN fail-over and diverse, redundant routing protocols.

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