IP Telephony

Along with most services, modern telephony has made the transition into a converged network service. Manufactures and software developers have taken the traditional PBX systems and modernised them into IP network services. VOIP or IP telephony can change the way your business uses it's phones.

Often referred to as an 'IP-PBX' or VOIP server, a digital phone system offers all of the features of a traditional phone system, but enables for additional integration with CRM software, enables the use a call statistics wall boards, provides smart phone applications and much more. IP telephony, can transform the way your business communicates and vastly decreased or eradicate the costs of PSTN lines. Furthermore more a converged voice and data network means, a single set of network equipment to procure and maintain.

Simplex Solutions Hosted 3CX IP Telephony

On Premise or Hosted IP Telephony

Simplex is a registered 3CX Gold partner and has extensive experience in converting traditional PBX telephone systems and installing new IP telephony solutions. Simplex currently stands as one of the only 3CX Gold partner in York. From small offices to multiple branch enterprises, we have helped our customers save on their call costs and increase the communication abilities and productivity.

Our telephony solution can provide:

  • HD voice using the latest audio codec technologies.
  • A mobile workforce connected with internal extension using smartphone applications.
  • Integration with CRM systems including Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zendesk and more.
  • Video and voice web conferencing, with up to 250 participants and meeting recording.
  •  Fax to email.
  • Cost savings with the use of a SIP trunk over your internet connection.

Contact us to see what Simplex and 3CX can do to transform the way your business uses telephony.