FTTC, fibre to the cabinet, is a BT Openreach service which operates on a combination of fibre optics and copper cabling, providing a high speed, low latency connection. With only the last hop, between cabinet and premises being copper, FTTC can provide significantly greater transfer speeds compared to traditional ADSL services.

Although the service is classed as contested, FTTC connected sites can expect to receive:

Service Downstream in mbps (upto) Upstream in mbps (upto)
FTTC 40/10 40 10
FTTC 80/20 80 20
Simplex Fibre Leased Lines
Simplex FTTC and ADSL

Where FTTC is not available or required ADSL offers stable connectivity at a low cost. Asymmetrical digital subscriber line, ADSL can offer a cheaper alternative to FTTC, for use with credit card payment lines or small satellite offices with low bandwidth requirements.

ADSL service has been made available to 99% of homes and businesses across the UK, with 89% having access to faster, ADSL2+ connectivity. This second generation of ADSL can provide up to 25Mb/s download speeds under ideal circumstances; as the distance between a property and the nearest exchange increases, the expected speed decreases.

Load Balanced Connectivity

Using FTTC ad ADSL services, simplex have implemented load balanced and failure resistant service. All of our broadband services include monitoring and a minimum of next business day SLAs, making FTTC and ADSL and cost effective and reliable connectivity option for your business.

If your bandwidth needs go beyond FTTC or ADSL, please consider our fibre leased line services.

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