Fibre Leased Lines

Often referred to an uncontested leased line or fibre to the premises (FTTP), Leased Lines provide a direct optical connection from the telephone exchange to your building. One of the superior properties of Leased Line broadband over its alternatives is the ability to have asynchronous speeds, meaning that your upload speed matches your download speed and you can utilise both fully at the same time. With speeds of up 1Gb/s and super low latency, FTTP connectivity is ideal for hosting services including, email, VOIP Phone systems, Public File shares and for use by high traffic volume businesses.

Simplex Solutions Fibre Leased Lines
Simplex Solutions Fibre Leased Lines

Performance and Reliability

All of our leased lines provide business critical reliability and fail over functionality.

Combined with managed firewall services, Simplex can configure your available bandwidth to suit your individual business needs; we can ensure traffic is always available for time sensitive or important traffic like VOIP or cloud access services like office 365. This control allows you to optimise your investment in fibre broadband.

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