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Outlook Recipient Confirmation

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'Phishing' attacks are one of the most common causes of data loss and can frequently lead to unauthorised systems access and monetary fraud.

Targeted attack groups are on the rise, and the US presents their biggest target. Their methods are low tech and highly effective: Last year, 71 percent of attacks began with spear phishing. - Symantec Corporation

A common technique used in targeted phishing attacks is to modify an email's headers in order to change the perceived sending name to that of a company director, financial controller or otherwise. The attacks relies on the recipient of their forged email to work under the assumption that the email request they have received is from the stated contact name; most attackers often attempt to engage the target in an email chain in order to build rapport, before requesting actions such as bank transfers. In reality the 'reply to' address is not that of the contact name. This low level social engineering attack can be avoided by checking the address where the email came from.

Simplex's Recipient Confirmation tool has been designed to help prevent replies to falsified or incorrect recipients.


Q – What software is this compatible with?

A – Simplex Recipient Confirmation ONLY works with Microsoft Outlook running on a
Windows operating system.

Q – Why is it free to download and use?

A – It is a nice piece of code that provides a simple way of combating a known cyber
crime strategy, trying to make the online world a little it safer.

Q – Can anyone use this?

A – Yes, as long as you are using Outlook and Windows.  We don’t mind if you are a
business or individual.

Q – Do you collect my data?

A – We only collect your email address to send you the download link.  We do not
collect any of your personal data.

Q – Will you want to sell me upgrades/added functionality etc?

A – No, it is free to use.  Nothing is an add-on.  No catches.

Q – I get a ‘COM’ warning in outlook saying it is starting slowly due to your plugin,
what should I do?

A – Please ALLOW the plugin to run in Outlook.  Outlook is written to query add-ons
and ask permission to run them even if they have virtually no effect on the speed of
Outlook.  Our plugin has virtually no overhead, so it had near zero impact on load speeds
for Outlook.

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