Apple October Event: A range of new products announced

The Apple October event has concluded, providing consumers and professionals with a lot of upgrade decisions to make in the holiday period build up. However, the event left Mac Pro enthusiasts longing for more as the system continues to be sold with severely out of date components from December 2013.

Apple October Event 2018 - Simplex Solutions


Macbook Air 2018

The Macbook air has received a refresh with the new specifications introducing and including:

  • 13.3″ retina – 4 million pixels, 48% great colour gambit.
  • Touch ID
  • T2 Secure enclave found in the Macbook Pro laptops.
  • A track pad overhaul, bring it in line with the Macbook Pro lineup.
  • 17% less volume than the previous version. At 15.6mm it is 10% thinner than the previous Air.
  • Built with 8th generation Intel i5 processors.

Full features and specification can be found here:

Mac Mini 2018

The long awaited Mac Mini has arrived and boasts an impressive specification for it’s small form factor. It might be argued that the new Mac Mini’s compute strength is the reason we haven’t seen and might never see another Mac Pro. Specifications and features include:

  • 4 Cores minimum, with up to 6 core Intel chips.
  • Up to 64GB of RAM
  • T2 Secure enclave found in the iMac Pro systems.
  • 4 thunderbolt ports and configurable with 10Gb Ethernet.

Full features and specification can be found here:


iPad Pro 2018

As the event transpired, Tim welcomed chief designers and developers to the stage to announce a new iPad pro range. The device hopes to push further into the mobile computing market and even risks treading on the toes of the Apple Macbook with an impressive specification and rich feature set for visual and creative developers. The new devices advertised the following:

  • Edge to edge and top to bottom display with loss of the button and introduction of face ID.
  • The Previous generation 10.5″ display has been boosted to 11″ but kept in the same form factor.
  • The 12.9″ display device has been retained but the device’s overall size has shrunk.
  • Both the 11″ and 12.9″ devices now have as USB C interface for great interoperability with media creation devices and displays.
  • The new A12X 7nm chip provides greater compute and graphical performance.

Full features and specification can be found here:

Everything Else

There was little to no expected news from the iPhone and iWatch spheres after the recent September announcements and this turned out to be the case. However, there were some other announcements in the Apple October event besides the headlining releases of Mac and iPad hardware, these included:

  • A new 2nd Gen pencil magnetic connection to the iPad Pro for sync and charge.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes which allow Apple to create some of their newest products from an alloy which uses 100% recycled aluminium.

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