Windows 10 1809 October Update Problems Continue

Microsoft has made a clear effort to ensure that all of its windows 10 users are always running the most up to date and secure patches of their Windows 10 operating system. However after sacrificing a large number of staff in their QA and testing department, updates have been plagued with problems and bugs. The Windows 10 October update (Windows 10 1809) has been no exception to problems.Simplex Solutions -Windows 10 1809 Problems Continue

The October update promised to bring lots of new features and improvements to the operating system, including a ‘Dark Mode’ and more mixed reality features. However the true reality of the update shows users experiencing the deletion of Documents and copying files from ZIP files also leading to their deletion.

Important: Do not attempt to Cut and Paste items from a compressed (.zip) folder. This may result in unintentionally deleting items that may not be recoverable.
Microsoft is working on a resolution and estimates a solution will be available in early November for this issue.  – Microsoft

Automatic Updates

For most systems running Windows 10, feature updates such as 1809 are set to be downloaded and applied automatically. This lack of choice and control can prove to be a large inconvenience for most, but a potential disaster for those who are unfortunate enough to have lost their files as a result of the update.

Microsoft has promised fixes for the problems in 1809, however due to the Microsoft update released schedule, better known as ‘Patch Tuesday’, these updates won’t arrive until November.

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