YouTube Suffers Major Worldwide Outage

YouTubeDOWN - #YouTubeDOWNYouTubeDOWN – Worldwide YouTube outages leave users feeling lost and confused during a sustained outage of the social and video platform.

Reports of an outage started to be reported on the Down Detector community site at around 2 am BST, leading up to a total of 90000 reports by 4 am. Many of these reports stating outages through various location around the world, from New York, to Perth.

Whilst this is not the first outage experienced by the now 10-year-old social and video sharing platform, this has been the most notable global outage in recent years. It was no surprise that confused users and content creators trying to access the service took to alternative social media platforms to express their frustrations.

People took to Twitter and the hashtag YouTubeDOWN soon began to trend. Google’s official response soon followed:


A reason or cause for the outage is yet to be publicised by YouTube.

With more than 1.5 Billion registered users, YouTube has become a vast target for advertisers throughout the world looking to impose on and introduce themselves to new demographics. With many of these advertisers spending millions on monetising content on the site, the tolerances for outage such as this are low and the financial loses can be severe.

Whilst the outrage expressed by users on social media may seem excessive, outages to large cloud-based services such as this once again prove that the cloud is not always the safest option for business IT services and the possibilities of service outages and their impacts should be heavily considered.

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